Class Information


Classes are held Tuesdays at 7pm at the TNT home studio in Marysville.

Email for additional informtion and directions to the studio.

True North Tribal classes are American Tribal Style® bellydance.

Instructor permission is required to attend Level 2 and up.

Skirts or dance pants and cholis are encouraged for class (a choli bares the midriff and can make some moves easier to see), but are not required.  Wear clothing that you feel comfortable dancing in and that won't restrict your movement.

Class Fees

·         Classes rotate on an 8 week cycle

·         Drop ins - $15

·         8 week class card - $100 ($12.50/class)

·         16 week class card - $180 ($11.25/class)

·         Cash or check only, no refunds will be available

·         Class cards do not expire


Level 1 - Introduction to ATS®

The fun begins in level one! Level one is an 8 week cyclical class covering 20 moves, 3 formations, and an introduction to zills. This is an entry level class where dancers learn the ATS® body posture and awareness, how to make moves flow together, and are introduced to group dancing with both slow and fast moves.

No experience necessary! Drop-ins welcome.

Level 2.0 - Intermediate I

*instructor permission required*

In order to participate in Level 2, the student must have finished at least one complete cycle of Level 1 with TNT or with an ATS® sister or brother studio.  Level 2 is an 8 week cyclical class with 17  moves total in the fast and slow vocabulary, as well as additional formations. This class builds on duet and group dancing, introduces moving in and out of chorus, and prepares students for beginning to dance in a performance setting.

Level 2.5 - Intermediate II

*instructor permission required*

In order to participate in Level 2.5, students must have finished at least one cycle of Level 2 with TNT.  This series will continue to build on the moves and concepts started in Level 2, adding more intermediate moves and formations.